After an outpouring of support from all around the world, we have finally raised the funds through our Kickstarter campaign to produce our new prototype!  More videos and information soon!


Check out the Story THE STRAD MAGAZINE recently published about Scordatura Pedals! The article can be found here.

Project Background

The double bass has used numerous tunings throughout the course of its history.  Since many of these tunings coexisted with one another, composers took many different approaches to writing for the instrument. The standard fourths-tuning of the double bass did not settle until the 1920s and modern bassists have neglected to explore many of the tunings that were previously utilized.  Recently, a small faction of the double bass world has begun to explore tuning the double bass in fifths (C’ G’ D A) for the first time in over a hundred years.   At the same time,  bassists in Germany and Canada have begun to experiment with another fifths-tuned bass tuned G’ D A e.  Simultaneously, bassist still frequently employ Solo and Viennese Tunings for various works.   Since the double bass has such a limited amount of repertoire and is arguably one of the most difficult instruments to physically play, this website seeks to promote a scordatura pedals system that expands the capabilities of the instrument.   


After a year since its conception, the Double Bass Retuning Pedals (a.k.a. “Scordatura Pedals”) have gone from being a DIY project in my garage to becoming a key element in my PhD research. After my initial handmade prototype showed potential, I began the tedious process of developing CAD drawings with a design company in South Carolina in order to transform my basic idea into a nuanced product that can handle the most vigorous professional use. Now that the CAD drawings are done and the necessary funding has been raised, the pedals should be manufactured in the next couple of months.